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Reasons to invest in a cloud ERP software
Increase in employee engagement

Increase in time savings

Increase in security and compliance



Connect with your favorite online tools and let the information flow seamlessly between them and hamdanerp .

hamdanerp also lets you build an integration of your own using its APIs and whatsapp , email .

There's no single application that can manage all functions. That is why understanding the difference between the various online tools, knowing which ones to choose, deciding their purpose, and finally integrating them is a must-have capability in today's workplace.



See real-time, easy-to-read charts with up-to-date business information.Monitor your sales and gain insights into your collections status and notes receivables. Identify your top-selling products and most loyal-customers. Track your cash status and bank balances quickly and easily.


Group your accounts in a multi-level chart of accounts and get detailed reports of your general ledger, cost centers, accounts receivables, accounts payable, cash collection, and trial balance.
hamdanerp also offers several standard financial statements; income statements, cash flow, and balance sheet.



An integrated "hamdanerp" through which you can manage all sections of accounts, stores, sales, and purchases, depending on the nature of your business and the multiplicity of its outlets.


Technology with the power to transform HR
Tackling your HR needs from Acquire to Retire.

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